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The office of LAKE TAHOE PODIATRY, offers general podiatry services with emphasis on the following:

  • Biomechanics and Orthotics
  • Sports Performance
  • Diabetic Foot Care, Including Therapeutic Shoes
  • Wound and Ulcer Care
  • Injury and Trauma
  • In-Office Diagnostics, Including Digital X-Ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • General Foot Care, Including Nail and Skin Problems

Pain and walking problems should not be considered normal. Many knee, hip and back problems can be the consequence of foot instability or ill designed shoes. Many skin and nail conditions indicate a serious internal disease. The feet can reflect symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, immune problems, circulatory disorders and neuromuscular disorders.

Also, the foot and lower leg interact to propel us over a variety of terrains. Running, carrying, pushing and many common activities increase the force generated from the ground. The dozens of small bones, muscles, joints and ligaments are required to react in harmony to these forces to keep us free of pain and injury.


We at the office of LAKE TAHOE PODIATRY can provide you with diabetic therapeutic shoes and insoles to treat your condition. We guide patients to their proper shoe selections. We also offer custom cast braces and orthotics for patients with a variety of neurological conditions as well as a fall risk prevention program.

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